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You Can Help Re-Elect our Bi-Partisan Alaska House Majority, TODAY! Outside and Special interests have been spending money to re-elect an all-Republican Legislature. Your donations to the "House Democratic Campaign Committee" will be focused on the closest races, and help candidates who can win to keep balance in the Legislature, and protect our Bi-partisan House Majority Coalition. Help us protect your priorities in the Legislature (donation rules below). The law allows the House Democratic Campaign Committee to donate directly to candidates in tight races, in addition to what you can donate to them directly.

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Or you can mail donations to : HDCC - P. O. Box 241084 - Anchorage AK 99524-1084


Alaska is at dangerous crossroads. Special interests oddly want to make sure we don't have the money to fund schools, protect children and seniors, and protect our economy.  They'd continue and expand the recession we are in for election or ideological reasons, and have attacked our bi-partisan House Majority coalition members for passing a full, fair plan to solve the worst deficit in Alaska history.   That's why we need your helpTODAY, to retain the majority and finish the job of fixing our economy and budget.   With your help electing us last year, we passed a fair revenue plan to put Alaska on stable footing and end the deficit, and the job losses that come with continued major cuts to schools, children, the University, pre-K and seniors.  Those were the bulk of the GOP-led Senate cuts, which our Majority successfully reversed.    Fixing the budget is basic math, and shouldn't be partisan.  Not acting is irresponsible, and not acting for ideological or election reasons, in the face of a growing recession, is wrong.

Why Your Help Matters A LOT: Donation Rules The law allows the House Democratic Campaign Committee to donate up to $10,000 to candidates, in addition to what you can donate to candidates of your choice directly (see rules below).    Please donate what you can afford, up to the limit of $5,000 per year. Your donation makes a BIG difference, whether it's $5,000, $2,500, $1,000, $500, $100, $50, or even $10. This donation limit does not affect additional donations you can also give to individual candidates. 

Also note that if you make donations to other any other state Alaska Democratic Party entities, including the Alaska Democratic Party, the $5,000 annual donation limit is cumulative.  That is, you can donate up to this limit to all state party groups, cumulatively.   You can donate by mail to the House Democratic Campaign Committee, POB 241084, Anchorage, AK 99524-1084 or online here. 

Questions? Contact Deputy Treasurer Ivy Spohnholz (382-5552).
Thank You for all your support!


Contribute to the HDCC Alaska


HDCC - P. O. Box 241084 - Anchorage AK 99524-1084

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POB 241084, Anchorage, AK 99524-1084,
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